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A subscription-based, free-delivery dog food service that uses smart data from our community of vets, dog owners, and other experts to help you develop a custom food blend for your furry friend. It’s made with natural, grain-free, non-GMO ingredients and priced to be competitive with other top-quality brands. And the best part is it’s delivered right to your door so you’ll never run out. Because your dog (and you) deserve the best.

Customize your dog’s ideal food blend with help from our experts.

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Real dogs deserve real food

  • Real meat-first recipes
  • 100% all-natural, grain-free, and non-GMO ingredients
  • Rigorously tested for the highest quality and safety

You don’t want to feed your dog junk—neither do we. That’s why all the food blends we make are individually tailored to their needs and made with real, recognizable ingredients. Every bag of food we blend is held to the same strict standards. So no matter the breed, size, or age, you can trust your best friend is getting the best nutrition to keep their tail wagging.

Designed for Personalized Perfection

With the help of IBM Watson, we learn everything about your dog and analyze the most intelligent insights available, using data from our extensive network of vets, nutrition experts, and other pet parents.

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The food you need, when you need it.

We ship your dog’s customized food in a fresh-packed bag, right to your door—for free. And the best part? We’re able to ensure shipments always come right on time, in just the right amount.

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Pet parent partnership

Clifford doesn’t just keep your delivery schedule up-to-date. As he learns, he gets smarter, offering data-driven recommendations to ensure your dog is always getting the best and tastiest nourishment possible.

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